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Online CME course for - Hematology

Prof. Moshe Mittelman, MD

2. Myelodysplastic Syndromes (MDS)

Dr. Yakir Moshe, MD, PhD

Paradigm shifts in the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia

Dr. Maya Koren-Michowitz, MD

The Myeloproliferative Neopalsms

Prof. Yair Herishanu, MD

Innovations in CLL in the era of chemo-free therapies

Dr. Ronit Gurion, MD

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma – Indolent Lymphoma

Prof. Irit Avivi, MD

1.Diffuse Large Cell Lymphoma

Dr. Hila Magen, MD


Dr. Yael Cohen, MD

Myeloma – Diagnosis and Therapeutic approach in 2021

Dr. Galia Spectre, MD, PhD

Treatment duration of venous thromboembolism -the decision tree

Dr. Odelia Amit

PNH & Aplastic Anaemia

The range of hematological diseases is wide, and applies to everything related to anemia, blood clotting and malignant diseases. All diseases dramatically impair function and quality of life and without proper treatment are life-threatening.

In the last decade and especially in recent years, there has been significant progress in the research and development of new drugs, especially the biological drugs.


The treatment methods and guidelines have been updated accordingly and quite a few diseases that until recently were incurable – are today becoming chronic diseases that can be continued to live with for many years with a good quality of life.

In recent years, existing drugs have been increasingly used in a wide variety of hematological diseases and at the same time are working on the development of new drugs. At the same time, there is a growing understanding of the causes of the immune response against leukemia and those who fail it.


This new generation of hematological therapies sometimes carries with it new side effects that are not known from classical oncological therapies, symptoms that require familiarization in order to prevent serious and life-threatening complications.

Deepening the basic knowledge in hematology is of paramount importance to all practitioners of medicine as its use increases and is an intriguing and fascinating field.


This course was produced in collaboration with the Israeli Association of Hematology and Infusion Medicine, Recognizing that knowledge of diseases while emphasizing the practical aspects: diagnosis, prevention, continuous treatment and continuous and correct follow-up – great importance and critical contribution to improving the ability of community physicians, hospital physicians and therapists to provide more effective and quality care and improve life expectancy and quality of life Of their patients

In this course, we will review the variety of major diseases and the ways of treatment and the updated guidelines in them.


The course is taught by the best hematology experts and therapists in the country, under the academic management of Prof. Irit Avivi, Director of the Hematology Department at Ichilov Medical Center, Tel Aviv.


Practice tests will be online, and course students who pass the tests will be eligible for the certificate. The tests will be in accordance with what is accepted in continuing education courses for physicians and as they are currently taught in iStudy courses, so that the answers have immediate feedback until the correct answer is reached and the full points are accumulated.

The course is intended for all physicians and especially for hematologists, family physicians, internists, geriatricians, surgeons and others, who deal daily with hematologic patients and patients and want to become better acquainted with the disease and its advanced treatment methods: Biological therapy.