About SignifiCast

SignifiCast Media Ltd. is Israel’s leading online CME (Continuing Medical Education) that caters to doctors and medical professions from the country’s top hospitals to private clinics.
Founded in 2010 SignifiCast Media Ltd. provides over 30 courses and dozens of lectures, presented by experts in their fields. SignifiCast is proud to have been chosen by Israel’s Surgical and Gynecology Associations to establish their specialized program that over a 5-year internship continues to enrich surgeons with videos, lectures, exams, articles and the latest case studies in the field.

Our team of lecturers consists of Israel’s top medical experts, who also serve as heads of medical departments in leading hospitals and universities. This, along with strategic partnerships such as with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, assures the highest standard and that the latest research and breakthroughs are taught.

All our courses have been recognized by the educational committee of the Israel Medical Association, granting CME credits and a formal CME course completion diploma to Israeli medical doctors. The courses are planned in accordance with the relevant medical associations in Israel for family physicians and internal medicine specialists. Some courses are specifically designed for medical experts.

At the Forefront of Medical Innovation

Israel has long been recognized as the start-up nation with breakthrough technologies that shape our daily lives. With one of the most technologically advanced and highest-quality healthcare systems in the world, Israel ranks 6th in global healthcare efficiency (Hong Kong & Singapore ranked 1st & 2nd). It is this high ranking along with its medical innovation that positions Israel among the countries with the highest lifespans in the world.  Being part of this start-up nation, SignifiCast resides at the heart of an innovative medical eco-system, with 40 Med-Tech companies listed on NASDAQ and many more promising start-ups that are looking to transform healthcare.

We believe in extending our accumulated clinical knowledge and skills to medical professionals via an online learning system. At SignifiCast we have made it our mission to share the knowledge of our medical experts and make it accessible, available and convenient for all. We believe that continual medical education is essential and should be available to all professional medical staff.

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